Building a creative economy

By using creativity as a driver of growth and social integration, promoter Novaterra aims to help Beau Plan and the surrounding area flourish.


Beau Plan is forging strong ties to the creative and cultural industries to power its economic development. This may sound like a risky gamble, but the sector’s growth internationally suggests otherwise. In France alone, the creative and cultural industries generate 91.4 billion euros in direct and indirect income per annum and employ 635,000 people[1]. They also account for 3% of global GDP. Based on these figures, Mauritius’ prospects look highly promising.


It must be said that the country has seen a cultural boom over the past several years. Countless events have underlined the island’s cultural wealth and creative potential, from exhibitions to gallery openings, artistic encounters and festivals of every description… This economic manna must be encouraged if it is to benefit the wider population. The emergence of sustainable creative industries in the country could give rise to new types of employment, education and training; improve social integration; and give the tourism industry a much-needed boost.

For this reason, Beau Plan’s Smart City is integrating creative industries into its masterplan in two different ways. First, by developing a Creative Park – a space dedicated to creativity and to promoting the arts, in which artists and craftspeople can meet and work. Beau Plan is already offering individual artists tailored support to help them reach their full potential. Second, by investing in key partnerships in the cultural and creative industries, including SMEs, event organisers and regional and international investors for instance. This second strand of work is already underway.


An example is the forthcoming MediaCity Mauritius, which officially announced its partnership with Novaterra – and its future establishment in Beau Plan – in April 2021. This ambitious project aims to develop an integrated media ecosystem in Mauritius by attracting international companies and creating a state-of-the-art training centre for the creative professions. The ultimate aim is to capture emerging opportunities on the African continent. Following several months of dialogue with Novaterra and the Economic Development Board, the MediaCity should start offering training through its university campus in 2022, and welcoming international media and production companies by 2024. It offers a glimpse of the enormous opportunities that the sector could represent for Mauritius in terms of job creation, international influence, foreign direct investment… Watch this space!

Beau Plan’s pervasive cultural DNA

The Beau Plan region is home to l’Aventure du Sucre museum and the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, and attracts more than 500,000 visitors every year. Beau Plan Smart City hopes to build on this foundation to develop the region’s attractions yet further. New museums? A creative park? Interactive walks that teach visitors about the area’s history? One thing’s for sure: there’s no lack of ideas for new experiences that highlight the richness of our cultural heritage…