Culture nurtured during the lockdown

Blissed out under cultural sunshine during the lockdown? These two notions are not mutually incompatible… While we are undergoing the stress of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, we can still see the silver lining.  Let us dive into the world of cultural richness, brought to our home by free online access. Exquisite events, shows, historical sites and virtual visits of museums and libraries are, for some, rare opportunities which will bring a fresh breath of positivism in our life.

Our motto: sit back and enjoy… Whether on long cultural sprees or haphazardly, at the break of dawn or during the evening, alone or well-surrounded, we can all devote our time, regained, to the passion and masterpieces of artists all around the world.

Museum time!

Travel with your eyes and ears wide, the soul reaching a climax. Iconic museums in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London, Florence, Mexico and Los Angeles are accessible a click away. The famous artists they host can take us back to glorious and bygone eras. The Tudor period is relived at the Tate Britain in London. The former train station now has become the musée d’Orsay of Paris is free for a private visit. And why not go to Mexico to admire the paintings of such an art diva as Frida Kahlo?

Discover 10 museums awaiting your online visit. 

Virtual visit culture live Covid-19Luxury Indian Ocean Musee d'Orsay Paris
Your private castle

It is a real treat to stroll along the vast spaces of Château de Versailles in France. However, at the moment, it can be a daily visit brought by a virtual technology! Please follow the steps of Marie-Antoinette and lose ourselves in the labyrinth of suites, corridors, lobbies and boudoirs in this mythical castle which is eternally shining bright.

Chateau de Versailles Covid 19culture live Luxury Indian Ocean 2
Music soothes the soul

Classical or modern, music is everywhere. Just stay true to your moods and whims. You may enjoy Le Boléro de Ravel in your living room, played by the Orchestre National de France. Or opt for a remake of Queen conducted by Samuel Sené. He has brought 135 musicians and singers together, but performing remotely. They will remind us that, in spite of all, The show must go on

Online culture Covid 10 Luxury Indian Ocean Orchestre National de France
Break a leg

Once-in-a-lifetime showS! The immensely famous Bolshoi theatre has been broadcasting online, since the 28th of March, a series of already-recorded shows from its gold collection. From one of the most romantic works of the classical ballet repertoire, Giselle, to the Winter’s Tale, choreographic wonders can transform us into real swans… safely at home.

Visites virtuelles culture live Luxury Indian Ocean 3 ballet

Back to basics 

Books, books everywhere and so many to read. Key masterpieces of literature are now available on free download. Go through Homer’s epic adventures of Iliad and Odyssey, or philosophise on the perfect book for the lockdown, À la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust. Eight precious literary gems such as One Thousand and One Nights can be reached HERE

Literature culture Covid-19 Luxury Indian Ocean 4 Mille et Une Nuits
The fellowship of the Earth 

Dwell into a convivial remote gathering with other Nature lovers. Even if holding hands will be absent, it is a must-live experience. Earth Hour and its programmed events to be discovered :

The last gathering was held on the 28th of March with 190 countries celebrating Nature. It has been one of the major citizen gatherings for the planet organised by WWF.

Visites virtuelles culture live Luxury Indian Ocean 3 Earth Hour

While staying safe at home, find the right balance to work, study, do your daily chores… But also choose your cultural treat and partake in cultural online events.