Discovering Beau Plan

What are three years in the creation of an urban village? For Beau Plan, they represent the first chapter in a great adventure that is unfolding year by year at the heart of a delightful area. Let us take you on a guided tour as we travel around on an electric scooter…

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan smart city trotinette

With its massive trees, a peaceful lakeside setting and its period buildings converted into modern office spaces, the Beau Plan Business Park’s saga has begun. There’s already a friendly atmosphere as visiting professionals mingle with colleagues enjoying a break in the cafeteria and passers-by come to shop in La Redoute’s new showroom. Nearby, business people and tourists rub shoulders in La Fangourin, some after a visit to L’Aventure du Sucre, others between business meetings.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan smart city fangourin

Our ride continues towards the Creative Park where a yoga session is taking place, tango can be heard at The Studio Dance School and a drama workshop is being held in the Workshop. Note to ourselves: check out what classes are available after our trip around and go to see Patrick Mavros’ shop – Beau Plan’s former foundry converted into a jewellery shop and workshop.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan smart city creative

© Joel Capillaire

Enjoying the fresh air as we ride, we set off to explore the residential areas. Along tracks edged with magnificent palm trees, there’s activity all around – children playing in the Hameau neighbourhood, then a jogger overtaking us, while a  family exchanges greetings with us as they head for Les Muguets to see how the construction of their house is progressing. The neighbourhood will soon see a new public park alongside the development. The quality of life here is going to be quite special.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan allee

© Joel Capillaire

As we move on to the Lakeside District, Beau Plan’s lively centre, some building work attracts our attention – the Mango  Village residencies. Close to the cafés and shops of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, the Greencoast school and the Mon Rocher stables, it looks like this will be a lively area. We can’t help envying the future residents!

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan ecurie

© Joel Capillaire

We arrive in front of the lake just in time to admire the sunset. It’s a magnificent sight seen from one of the Mahogany’s restaurants or simply sitting on the steps. Beau Plan’s already iconic art installation, the Champ des Lumières, makes the lake glitter with beams of light – and beyond, red and mauve
reflections streak the heavens. Magical!

Luxury Indian Ocean Beau Plan smart city Mahogany

© Joel Capillaire

While the last strollers window-shop and a group of friends head to Zadaki for a drink after work, we come across the site for The Strand. The exclusive office spaces here, looking out over the lake, signal a fresh chapter in the development of a Smart City that provides a new definition of an urban area, where work, leisure and everyday requirements are all in close proximity. And there’s more to come….