If you want to know the only authentic Champagne winemaker living in Mauritius, meet Stéphane Driant. When he speaks of “l’instant Taittinger”, the unique touch that authenticates the long-lasting flavour of the brand, he does so with the emotion of one who recalls his own childhood. In fact, he was born over there, roaming the vineyards of his parents and those of his friends.

Even with all the Mauritian interbreeding – he added Champagne tradition to tropical parties – he still remains deeply committed to the values of his work. This unbreakable bond, exclusively defined by him in Mauritius, is representative of a group of producers of champagne, lifelong friends – including Taittinger, the only major brand in the world still attached to the family name of its producer. Otherwise mixed, Stéphane offers the jewel in its crown, Taittinger, as well as the famous Comtes of Champagne, and his unique new brand that gives colour to the tropical nights.

He has, of course, the exclusivity of his own brand of champagne, the great Taittinger, and the very special, ultra VIP “Carbon” Champagne – sought-after in all the trendiest places of the world! Invented by another childhood friend, every bottle is wrapped in carbon packaging and numbered, making this champagne a rare jewel.

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