Luxury Mauritius is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius, Luxury Mauritius has delved into the past and the present to gather colourful and multi-facetted testimonies. Under the caring and nostalgic, but also critical, scrutiny of its collaborators and celebrities, this fifth issue makes an appraisal of five decades of history. 

Ananda Devi, Tristan Bréville, Gaëtan Siew, Princess Camilla Bourbon Two-Siciles and Malenn Oodiah are among those who have willingly shared their experiences of this young independent nation, of its inhabitants, its cultural heritage, its constantly reassessed identity. They have also given feedbacks on the issues attached to its economic attractivity, and its natural and cultural resources management. These experiences all testify that Mauritius is appealing, that it catches the mind and soul, that it always leaves a fingerprint… Here, at Luxury Mauritius, we are eager to follow its progress in the years to come! 

This anniversary issue has also given the opportunity for a new revamped logo for the magazine, a more creative format and mostly a new twice-yearly frequency (in November and June). 

Wishing you a good reading session for this fifth issue :


Luxuriously yours,

The Luxury Mauritius Team