Saint Brandon, an unforgettable atoll for a handful of adventures

Untouched by human activity, this rare gem is a place where nature still reigns supreme. Located one and half day’s sailing from the north-east of Mauritius, this archipelago made-up of about thirty islets, has long remained closed to the public but these days a privileged few can access it by sea. Its remote geographical location has preserved the wild and natural state of this archipelago.

The only way to gain access to these immaculate white sandy banks is by boat, in a similar fashion to the pirates of yesteryear. Charter a sailing or motor yacht and head towards these marvellous islets: this is what Saint Brandon Cruises offers. A luxury ten day voyage to discover the exceptional fauna and flora.

The massive lagoon is one of the best spots in the world for bonefishing. Shoals of ‘sizable’ fish species living in the shallow waters provide fishing enthusiasts an unforgettable and unique experience; an incredible list of species including sharks, barracuda, grouper, parrot fish, giant trevallies. These amazing coral reefs also abound with tortoises and lobsters. An extraordinary adventure lies in wait.

These islets possess some evocative names: Sirène (siren), Perle (Pearl), Loup garou (Werewolf ), Poulailler (Henhouse) or Zozo Posé (Birds on Ground). Thousands of birds whirl around in this “nature-made” opera house which is also the stopover for migratory birds from all around the world. For nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, Saint Brandon is simply a MUST!

Saint Brandon