Fragments puts forward the Indian ocean and its artists

The periodical compiling photographic books  is back for its fourth edition, with the firm intention to continue its work as an artistic and documentary platform. Fragments #4 : the result of the photographic residency of 5 artists at the Institut Français de Rose-Hill, last november, which Luxury Mauritius has had the privilege to discover.

Fragments periodical

A true springboard for photographers and writers of the Indian Ocean, perhaps even for the region itself. The collection of literature and pictures is more than a mere succession of pages and ink, it is a symbol. In four volumes, this publication placed itself as an iconoclastic advertising window on the region, and as a haven of artistic expression for its talents.

fragments_4_couverture luxury mauritius

  • Document and revolutionise…

The image which the public has of the Indian Ocean region. Far from idyllic clichés on flat postcards which only reflect a tiny part of island life in this region, and the landscapes and lifestyle scenes it has to offer, Fragments lifts the veil covering regional realities.  

Having as main challenge imposed regional restrictions for the participating artists, the periodical leaves free reins to 4 photographers and 1 writer to relate this region over the course of one issue.

  • Publish and boost…

Regional art. If the project was born of a documentary initiative, it still keeps at heart the essentially artistic dimension that photography carries. Beyond presenting regions, there is an opportunity to boost the visibility of talents hiding behind the clichés, and make their fame resound at a global scale.

fragments_4_karl_ahnee_1 luxury mauritius
Picture by Karl Ahnee

Luxury Mauritius announced it last november. Rose-Hill was a playground to participants: photographers Karl Ahnee, Stefan Grippon, Magali Paulin and Flavio Tarquinio, as well as writer Gillian Geneviève, in the making of the latest volume.

  • Ensure that the artistic phenomenon lives on

Full of strong meanings, both social and artistic, Fragments wants to act as a megaphone for talents of the region. It is most importantly an unprecedented medium which carries around the cultural identity of each and every place it presents.

fragments_4_residence_07 luxury mauritius
Magali Paulin at the opening of the exhibition at the IFM

As a concrete help to ensure the perennity of this beautiful project, it is now possible to subscribe to it on the ulule platform where you can purchase the latest issue that was made in Mauritius on pre-sale.

A well-deserved boost to our own talents !