Kitesurfing: From Mauritius to Reunion Island by Beachcomber and Sodis Travel

To promote Mauritius as a destination in Russia, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has hosted, with one of its loyal partner Sodis Travel, the crossing from Mauritius to the Reunion Island by kitesurf. An event that brought together several kiters, pros and amateurs.

It was on Wednesday the 14th of November that the relay took place. Nine kiters, including two Mauritians, engaged in this adventure, from Dinarobin Hotel’s beach (on the West coast of Mauritius) to Sainte Rose (on the East coast of Reunion Island). In all, they covered 175 km.

Beachcomber Kitesurf Luxury Indian Ocean 3

The torchbearers team consisted of pro kiters: Russians Vladimir Popov (co-owner and Director of Sodis Travel), Vladimir Popov Junior, Andrey Grinshteyn, Braynin Vladimir, Belyaev Artem and Aksenov Konstantin (first kiteboarder to have crossed the Bering Strait in 2011); the Luxembourger Michel Hoffmann, and Mauritians Frederick Mohamed Khan Peerally and Brendon Labonne. Aligning speed, agility and determination, the team has been remarkable throughout the crossing.Beachcomber Kitesurf Luxury Indian Ocean 1

Since the event was covered by Russian journalists who were present on that day, the objective of promoting Mauritius in Russia has been reached. The event was aired widely on social networks as well as in other Russian media. The crossing was also marked by the presence of his Excellency Mr. Klimovskiy, the Ambassador of Russia in Mauritius, as well as that of the Office of Tourism of Mauritius (MTPA).

Kitesurfing in Mauritius

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As Mauritius has vast lagoons, kitesurfing has grown in popularity these recent years. Some of the most popular spots are in Wolmar, Palmar and Flic en Flac. The goal of promoting Mauritius as being a place perfect for this sport has been achieved.