Gastronomy duet at Long Beach Golf & Spa with Chefs Vigato and Riffel

A virtuoso performance has been played by two gastronomy professionals – from France and South Africa – at the Long Beach Golf & Spa from 18th to 27th of March 2018. Sweet tunes from the Southern Hemisphere and Europe have been heard at the 4th edition of Long Beach Tee & Toque Trophy. The two Chefs have shown their talent on the cooking range: French Jean-Pierre Vigato and South African Reuben Riffel.

When French and South African Chefs bring the world to your plates

For their first collaboration, the two Chefs have tuned their cuisine on Mauritian flavours.

On one hand, Jean-Pierre Vigato, from Apicius restaurant, is known as a modern Chef who mostly delights in his guests’ gastronomy experience, and as a golf fan – wonderful and relevant assets for the Tee & Toque organisors!

On the other hand, Reuben Riffel who describes his cuisine as eclectic and without pretention. He is devoted to simple but sumptuous dishes!

Together, they have proposed a four-hand diner for the 24th of March gala evening. A perfect music score for a mixture of world and local cuisine!

Chefs Riffel et Vigato luxury mauritius 2 French Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato and South African Chef Reuben Riffel

Chef Vigato has confided in Luxury Mauritius:  

“I indulge mostly in French cuisine even if we are always influenced by our foreign experiences. My cuisine is enriched by influences, which becomes exotic but remains French-oriented”.

The Toque et Tee event

In a common thrust to treat the Long Beach Resort & Spa guests, but also to promote golf, the two Chefs have marvellously led the courses. 

On the gastronomy side, a gourmet workshop has been set up for the participants and golf players on Thursday the 22nd of March. Chef Vigato’s veal and gambas tartare has been served to harmoniously complement Chef Riffel’s fish – prepared with local products such as  citronella, coconut, bananas, green onions and curry powder. 

On the golf course, a 2-member team competition. As technical as the Chefs’ cuisine, the competition has had many versions: 2 tours on Île aux Cerfs Golf Club course in 2 scramble and individual stableford, and 2 tours of Anahita golf course, 4 best shots and  individual stableford.

As Chef Riffel has told Luxury Mauritius:

“ I see a lot of similarities between our food and Mauritian food. Because everything is down to palate. What your palate is used to and sometimes what it likes to be surprised by. South Africans are open-minded when it comes to food and it is the same on this side. You have young talented Chefs in Mauritius and I hope they will go to the world and showcase what they do.”