The MCB Tour Championship, a new prestigious step for Mauritian golf

Mauritius has become an essential port of call for international competitions. Whether for kite surf or golf, Mauritian lagoons and courses comprise all international standards: safety regulations, technological support and the faithfulness of champions and professionals who come back, year after year, to enjoy the paradise-like landscapes. In 2017, the MCB has hit high levels with its annual golf tournament, held on the 10th of December at the Legend Golf Course of Constance Belle Mare Plage. Discover the headlines of the MCB Tour Championship 2017.

MCB-Tour-Championship-2017-Winners-01 Luxury Mauritius Thaworn Wiratchant, during the MCB Tour Championship

Well-aligned conditions for a golf celebration

The MCB Tour Championship has aligned the ideal conditions to set Mauritius as a leading golf destination in the world. With a high field-strength level, this championship has welcomed famous golfers – including 11 former Ryder Cup players. For Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf, the tournament has once more fulfilled its promise :

«This competition, which each year welcomes more and more champions, has enabled us, for a decade, to show that Mauritius is a high-class destination in the world (…) and we would like to sincerely thank the MCB, our partners as well as the participants to have contributed to the great success of this 7th edition».

MCB-Tour-Championship-2017-Winners-02 Luxury Mauritius Thaworn Wiratchant, winner of the MCB Tour Championship, with his trophy

Among the contestants, the Thai player Thaworn Wiratchant and the Australian golfer Peter Fowler, ranked respectively 23rd and 5th of the European Senior Tour Order of Merit before the start of the tournament at Constance Belle Mare Plage, have been pivotal figures of the 2-day competition and had reached a tie. Thaworn Wiratchant finally won the tournament with a score of 62 for the day. His total score was 193, an exceptional performance which surpassed the former record held by Colin Montgomerie.

« This first visit in Mauritius will definitely be unforgettable, and I am eager to celebrate this victory with my family», has declared Thaworn Wiratchant.

The very coveted John Jacobs Trophy 2017, awarded to the player that tops the list of the European Senior Tour Order of Merit, has been awarded to the American golfer Clark.

MCB-Tour-Championship-2017-Winners-03 Luxury Mauritius Clark Dennis, winner of the European Senior Tour Order of Merit, with of the trophy

The 2017 golf season has been, once more, very intense on the Mauritian golf courses!