Transpozision by Gaël Froget: State of the art exhibition!

The Third Dot, the Mauritian artistic curation platform is back with Gaël Froget’s exhibition from 13 to 29 September at Dock 13 in Trou Fanfaron in Port Louis. Transpozision relates the practical and artistic evolution of this artist over the last 10 years.

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A Mauritian artist shining from East to West

From his works vandalizing the artistic expression and which made him famous in Mauritius, to the exhibitions in Paris, Singapore, England or New York, Gaël Froget is an artist that has globally gained significant popularity over the years. Through Transpozision, he is taking us on an artistic trip with twenty of his semi abstract and figurative works. This exhibition has the particularity of recalling the artist’s journey, more specifically the artistic evolution he has gone through the recent years. He is now the kind of artist that reminds us that art is long and life is short. His exhibition is organised for the third time in his native island, and for the second time, in collaboration with The Third Dot. Rogers Capital is also joining this great adventure as a sponsor.

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The Third Dot: An opportunity for Mauritian art promotion

The Third Dot, has gradually established itself in the Mauritian Fine Arts world, as the ultimate platform to promote Mauritian art. Through cultural consultancy, their dedicated team follow-up and represent our local artists at local and international levels. The Third Dot has the particularity of knowing the international artistic environment, including artists, brands and exhibition spaces. This platform has been under the spotlight lately, especially through Charity exhibition, “13”: Art for a cause!, the Zig Ziggurat exhibition, or the artist Djuneid Dulloo being invited for the art residential workshop organised by them more recently.

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From Borderline to Transpozision: a love story

The collaboration with Gaël Froget is not new, as two years ago The Third Dot already presented this artist through the Borderline exhibition.

“We are happy to have thought this project from the start, to have followed Gael in his studio and to have built his scenography and exhibition. He represents this new Mauritian generation connected to its origins and resolutely looking towards the future, bringing hope and constant dynamism,” according to Alicia Maurel and Laetitia Lo from The Third Dot.

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The exhibition is open to the public from September 13th to 29th, Monday to Friday (10 a.m to 5 p.m), and Saturday (10a.m to3 p.m), and entry is free. The artist’s works will also be on sale.