This year, let us all become Father Christmas

The month of December correlates with gifts and scrumptious food, surrounded by those we love… And yet, 2020 has been an upsetting year for many, with some not having the chance to fully enjoy the holiday spirit.

As a celebration of sharing, Christmas is the perfect time to help the most vulnerable. Here are some ideas!

Christmas Solidarity

Due to the pandemic, it will be difficult for Santa to deliver gifts on time. Fortunately, Victoria and Yogini are available to collect them so that sick children and orphans get to enjoy them! Toys, clothes, books… brand-new or undamaged objects which shall put a smile on the face of these children are most welcome.

For more information, please contact Victoria (on: 59 76 92 95) or Yogini (on: 59 43 94 98).

A roof for Christmas

The NGO Caritas offers to help the poorest families find a home. As the latter does not have sufficient contributions to be eligible for an NHDC house, the project “A Roof for Christmas” aims to raise enough funds to help them. With a recommended contribution of Rs 500, contributors will be able to discover works specially created for this good cause by Mauritian artists in the advent calendar.
For more information, visit A Roof for Christmas website or contact Caritas Mauritius on 212 27 72.

The Good Shop

By donating clothes, toys, books and furniture, you will be contributing to educational and social projects. Indeed, all the repaired items assist the most disadvantaged to work or help in financing training and educational programs. The goal of The Good Shop is to assist families to rebuild a new life, on a stronger foundation.

For more information, visit The Good Shop website or by phone on 673 02 95.

You can find other associations on the website of Actogether.