Compagnie de Beau Vallon : Down South…

The poetic names of our villages bear witness to our French colonial past, and serve as a testimony of our history. In Pointe d’Esny, the Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée is building a Village that will serve as a bridge between authenticity and modernity, in an area where nature, history and turquoise sea cohabit. It is the South-East’s best kept secret! Come with us on a trip around there…

A historically rich place

The village of Pointe d’Esny, with its significant historical past, was named after Claude d’Esny. He was an engineer and geographer, a member of the serviced troop on Isle de France, who helped Abbé de la Caille in his triangulation works in 1753. Today, Pointe d’Esny has preserved the authentic art de vivre which serves as memory to the historical cradle of Mauritius. The South-East, famous for being the landing spot of the Dutch in 1598, is full of cultural, historical and natural treasures such as the Blue Bay marine park, the naval museum in Mahebourg, the vallée de Ferney and île aux Aigrettes. The area is now welcoming new development projects like the EnAtt shopping centre in Beau Vallon, while at the same time keeping its historical image. It is anchored in a dynamic present, but keeps one foot in the past to help shape a promising future.

CDBV Pointe d'Esny Luxury Indian Ocean 6
An unprecedented Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée real estate project

It is a 68-hectare-wide project founded on a smart village’s main values; a place to live, enjoy and play. Mauritian and foreign owners and investors (the program is developed under the Property Development Scheme) can explore the lands, apartments and beautiful villas, and make their choice among the 137 residential units of the launching phase that are currently being commercialised by BARNES Mauritius.

The Village fosters conviviality between residents and visitors. It is, hence, built between natural ponds, which will be restored and preserved at the heart of a 10-hectare green lung. The residents of the human-scale village will surely appreciate the simple pleasures of life in a serene place in harmony with nature and with the people around. The friendly infrastructure – with a school, a sports center, walking areas, restaurants, outdoor cafes, and a Beach Club which gives access to Pointe d’Esny beach – will make interactions, and life thereafter, easier.

Due to its smooth interactivity with the rest of the island, Pointe d’Esny Le Village has all it takes to become one of the landmarks of the South-East area. The project is, indeed, located only 5 minutes away from the authentic village of Mahebourg, 30 minutes away from the central plateau, 45 minutes away from Port Louis, and only 15 minutes away from the airport. It is literally one hop away from the rest of the world as well!

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Since the creation of the first sugar factory in Beau Vallon, the Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée has always been one of the key players in the area. Founded in 1921, the CBVL has contributed in the development of the area’s agricultural sector, hotel industry, real estate and corporate services. It is one of the coastal area’s main job providers. It also commercialises other property assets on the island, such as housing allotments at the Ruisseau Tranquille in Riche en Eau, in Beau Vallon and in Souillac.