Exploring Mauritius on foot? A challenge accepted by Les DunienZil for a good cause

Their names are Laurent and Amélie, and their passion is discovery. These fitness enthusiasts are fond of the landscapes of their motherland, and it is precisely what has driven them to take on an exciting challenge: going on a tour of the island on foot, accompanied by their two children.

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They tour the island

No need to run when a challenge is afoot! This ambitious project, in partnership with Twögether, will start on the 24th of August. The grand kick-off will lead the couple and their two children–Raphaël (10 years old) and Victor (8 years old)–to start a journey on foot along the coastline of Mauritius, which is the equivalent of a 330 km distance.

The goal behind this endeavour is to live their family values out loud, values like helping the community, by giving the funds generated by this operation to an association fighting against cancer. They also aim to spread a message of unity which resonates with their own values, like togetherness and their passion for fitness and discovery.

“We wish that, through this adventure, our children may develop and nurture a sense of caring for their neighbour”, explains Amélie Marrier d’Unienville.

To promote this sense of unity, the couple will be live-blogging via their social media platform LES DUNIEN ZIL. The goal is to share the most beautiful sights of their journey, and, more actively, invite Mauritians from different regions of the island to join them on their path on a daily basis.

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Bloggers and entrepreneurs

It all began when the couple, strengthened by some tough times, decided to live life to the fullest. Their gateway to this philosophy was biking in nature. Laurent and Amélie Marrier d’Unienville, then and there, chose to quit their respective jobs and dedicate themselves fully to their own new electric bike ride business:  Explore Nou Zil. This platform allows tourists and Mauritians alike to discover the island’s most phenomenal landscapes.

With their love of travel and discovery, the family also subsequently decided to share its best trips abroad by creating a travel blog. This has allowed the web’s wanderlust community to meet Les DunienZil, by documenting the family’s trips and giving tips to citizens of the world looking for new places to explore.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, their lives have taken a different turn. “Tourism, which is not only our family’s passion, but also our main source of income, has become a quite daunting aspect of the year. But there was no way we were going to let it get the best of us and ruin all the time we have to enjoy”, was the unanimous verdict of self-proclaimed “tireless globetrotters” Laurent and Amélie.

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Hit the road!

The tour will kick-off at their family home in Tamarin in the morning of the 24th of August 2020. They will be heading to the village of Albion, in the West, for their first day’s walk.  

In retrospect, all of the experiences this family went through probably led them to this first remarkable challenge, for which Luxury Indian Ocean wishes them the best of luck!


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