La Dolce Vita on the North-East Coast

A cosmopolitan yet authentic destination, a close-knit community of people from all over the world, a place where you can enjoy life’s little pleasures in a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel right at home… That’s how its residents describe Azuri Ocean & Golf Village. Set a course for this heavenly estate that is a way of life in itself.

Caressed by the ocean breezes of the North East coast, Azuri offers the best of the easygoing Mauritian lifestyle in a peaceful and tranquil setting. With its friendly atmosphere, the village redefines what it means to live at the crossroads of different cultures; indeed, its residents hail from a large number of different countries. Whether they are Mauritians, expatriates or foreigners, the couples and families who have settled here now enjoy a rich and rewarding lifestyle.

This cosmopolitan community can be found throughout the village’s various neighbourhoods, from the magnificent villas by the river or the golf course to the cosy ocean-view flats, some of which are available for sale, resale and even for rent. In short, Azuri is the perfect place to live in a way that’s true to yourself while enjoying the island’s many charms! In addition to the estate’s beautiful setting opposite the sapphire-blue sea, residents can expect everyday life to be vibrant and stimulating. Here, you’ll meet people whose cultures and stories will take you all over the world; enjoy a unique work-life balance with everything you need within walking distance, from a grocery store to a Montessori school, a spa, restaurants and a range of home and maintenance services; and alternate between a bit of shopping in the village square and a game of golf on the estate’s gorgeous greens. That’s life at Azuri!

The years since its launch have confirmed Azuri as the region’s more prestigious and ‘smartest’ address. Building on this unique positioning and its DNA, while responding to the many challenges of our time, the village aims to offer a lifestyle that’s as yet unheard of in Mauritius. Azuri is developing a new master plan to establish the estate as a ‘smart destination’ that offers a superior quality of life. It’s also incorporating sustainability into each of its projects via energy savings, better waste management and offsetting its carbon footprint for instance.

So, can wellbeing and living as a community be reconciled with sustainability and respectful use of natural resources? Azuri is 100 % convinced that it’s possible, and has no lack of ambition with which to achieve its vision. See you in the future…