Welcome to the authentic village of Mauritius: Beau Vallon!

Luxury Mauritius was invited by Beau Vallon Ltd on Wednesday the 20th of September to explore the south-east region of the island. We invite you on a trip to this wonderful village, located in the iconic district of Mahebourg where the history of Mauritius started!

The property of Beau Vallon Ltd covers a vast region :  beginning from the highlands, namely Le Chassé du Chemin Français, going through Riche-en-Eau to end on the coast. This part of the island, which has long remained rather secret, is a village which managed to preserve all the authenticity of an island which some have known 40 years ago. Aiming at developing the south-east region, Beau Vallon Ltd wants to preserve our natural and historical heritage.


Located on the highlands, Le Chassé du Chemin Français is the ideal viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful lands on the property. It offers a breathtaking landscape of the Beau Vallon valley with the sea in the background. Le Chassé received its name from the period of the French rule in Mauritius where a path was created from Mahebourg to Port-Louis by going through Moka. Our favourite elements on the chassé: a lovely cottage in the creole style!



Travel back in time with le Château de Riche-en-Eau, located on a land of 30 acres. This precious colonial house, built in 1890, now forms part of our national heritage. The mansion was once surrounded by eight ponds that were supplied by a source and were filled by an overflowing system. The ponds were part of the beautiful French garden which is still present. Nowadays, there are only five ponds. The mansion is open to the public once per year for the Heritage Day.


Often compared to the Morne bay, Mahebourg bay is “one of the most beautiful lagoons of the island”, said Thierry Merven, CEO of Beau Vallon Ltd. With a marvelous view on the Lion Mountain and the sugar cane fields going down to the sea, it offers an amazing tropical landscape. According to Thierry Merven, the fact that this part of the island had never been developed with big buildings is what makes this place so unique. Beau Vallon Ltd aims at promoting this rich lagoon where corals keep on growing. To bring  the lagoon to light, watersports, like the Kitesurf, are practised in the bay.


From right to left: Christophe curé: group Property Manager, Caroline Raffray: Commercial Manager and Thierry Merven: Chief Executive Office of Beau Vallon Ltd


The Property Development Scheme (PDS) project of Beau Vallon Ltd was also presented by Christophe Curé, the Group Property Manager. A Smart Village will soon be built at Pointe d’Esny on a land of 168 acres. It is an investment of Rs 8 billions that will comprise residential areas, a sport center, schools, commercial centers and restaurants, among others. Thierry Merven explains that the village will remain quite rustic to preserve the genuine feature of Mahebourg while developing the region. The company wants to make Pointe d’Esny a welcoming place where a warm village atmosphere prevails, which will be enhanced by Mauritian architecture.

Charmed by Beau Vallon? Many other amazing places are waiting for you in Mahebourg!