Spotlight on sustainable tourism at the upcoming World Travel Awards 2020

The World Travel Awards (WTA) will once again be held this year, celebrating excellence in the various tourism and hospitality sectors. On this 27th edition, Mauritius Conscious Travel stands proudly among the shortlisted nominees under the category of Responsible Tourism in the Indian Ocean. This is an unprecedented achievement for the agency, pioneer of sustainable travel for the SIDS (Small Island Developing States) in the region.

Towards the vision of a sustainable island

The ambition of Mauritius Conscious: To help both residents and travellers in the discovery, admiration, preservation and restitution of our islands’ beauty. This outstanding travel agency is committed to sustainable development and responsible tourism. With this as part of its DNA, the agency seeks for future generations to be able to explore and marvel at the surrounding wonders. 

Romina Tello, CEO of Mauritius Conscious Travel, expresses her enthusiasm about the WTA nomination:

“This acknowledgement brings me much happiness and pride. It will hopefully help us to better position Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion in an era where people are more than ever eager to travel responsibly, and will also strengthen our efforts to support local businesses and entrepreneurs who hinge on tourism.”

As voting is open until the 22nd of August for the African and Indian Ocean region, you can support Mauritius Conscious Travel by registering and voting on the website. This year’s winners will be announced on 3rd October at a gala dinner in Nairobi, Kenya.

Experience an unforgettable vacation

If you are looking for a memorable getaway for your next holiday, be sure to consider Mauritius Conscious Travel! The agency designs tailor-made itineraries for travellers and residents in pursuit of new experiences. Whether you want to catch some fresh air, explore breathtaking sceneries and experience unique adventures in Mauritius, Rodrigues or Reunion Island, you can find your perfect travel journey by contacting