Three exclusive ambiances to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Maritim Resort & Spa

After the grandiose Christmas celebrations Château Mon Désir, it is now time to discover the three ambiances devised by Maritim Resort & Spa for its EOY festive evening. Choose between 3 different settings to celebrate the New Year on the 25 hectares of Maritim Resort & Spa.

#1 – The ‘Maritim Vintage Chic Gala Night’

A refined beachfront evening under the stars! Spend your last 2018 night in a 5-star hotel  with the ‘ Maritim Vintage Chic Gala Night’. Hosted by the maritime atmosphere of restaurant ‘Belle Vue’ overseeing the swimming pool and the bay or its ballroom, enjoy a sumptuous gala buffet diner. Then, discover the magnificent firecrackers on Turtle Bay before ending the night on the beach.

The Rs 7690 package per person includes: a welcoming cocktail at 7 p.m.; a seated gala diner with a buffet at restaurant ‘Belle Vue’ and its ballroom; an all-included drinks package from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.; access to the ‘Turtle Bay Beach Party’ and firecrackers.

#2 – The ‘ Château Gourmet Evening’

Ready for an exclusive EOY evening in a historical setting and gastronomy treats? The ‘Château Gourmet Evening’ held in the magical gastronomy restaurant ‘Château Mon Désir’ – renown as one of the best on the island – will encompass a Signature gourmet diner.

The Rs 5090 package per person includes: a glass of Champagne for the aperitif on the terrace overseeing the famous ‘Ruines Historiques de Balaclava’; a Signature gourmet 6-meal gourmet menu prepared by Chef Rakesh Munoruth, and live piano performance.

An additional fee Rs 2300 per person is possible to attend the beach party as from 10 p.m. with an all-inclusive drinks package up to 3 a.m.

Chateau Mon Desir Maritim Luxury Indian Ocean 6
# 3 – Turtle Bay Beach Party by Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius

Beach Party with Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius for the last 2018 evening !

The Rs 3590 package per person will give you access to the beach-set dance-floor with a DJ and firecrackers at midnight and an all-inclusive drinks package from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

You can also book a private VIP lounge for 10 persons at Rs 34200 with access to the beach party with a DJ, a VIP lounge, firecrackers, and a all-inclusive drinks package and 2 bottles of Champagne.

Chateau Mon Desir Maritim luxury Indian Ocean 1

Dress code: Gatsby the Great to be in harmony with the Vintage Chic topic.