Centre de Chirurgie de l’Océan Indien: The world knocks at their door

Located in Trou aux Biches, the Cosmetic Surgery Centre is a medical tourism pioneer in Mauritius that attracts clients from all over the world. Let’s try to understand this phenomenon through testimonies and via insights from the founder, Gérard Guidi.

centre chirurgie ocean indien luxury mauritius
FUE Density® intervention in one of the 3 Hair Surgery operating theatres.

If the reputation of this institution situated on the northern coast of the island is today firmly established, the early days were rather… laborious, to say the least! Hadn’t it been for the sturdy determination of its director, Gérard Guidi, the Cosmetic Surgery Centre would not have become what it is today. The adventure began in 2007, when the small hair transplant clinic of Pointe aux Canonniers opts for a diversification of its services. A team of surgeons and dentists is set up and they all passionately embark upon this odyssey. However, the premises are not large enough, and Gérard Guidi will have to wait for two more years before turning his ambitions into reality!

soins dentaires centre chirurgie ocean indien luxury mauritius
One of the 4 Dental Surgery operating theatres.

During these two years and despite the many obstacles faced, no single crew member will leave the ship manned by a visionary captain who learnt about perseverance and team spirit the hard way in French rugby stadiums. Hard work, patience and exceptionally skilled professionals have scored the try with panache.

Today, the clinic is mostly visited by a foreign clientele, drawn by a state-of-the-art technology, a 5-star service and some rather exceptional innovations, such as the FUE Density© (Follicular Unit Extract), a technique developed in 2013. Painless and ’scarless’, this technique hailed as the “Haute Couture” of hair transplant is the bedrock upon which the Cosmetic Surgery Centre has forged its international reputation. The dental division of the clinic is also a reference. As they regularly participate in international conferences, the dental surgeons have reached an unparallelled level of professionalism, be it locally or regionally.

reception centre chirurgie esthetique luxury mauritius
Chantal, Menisha and Juliette welcome you.

The technological means at their disposal, like the 3D panoramic radiograph/CAD CAM, allow them to carry out very precise and safe dental check-ups. With a 3D design software, the Cerec method enables complete treatments in a minimum number of sessions. This is made possible through optical impression and digital milling robots that shape crowns, veneers and onlays made of pure ceramic. Add in other specialities like the innovative plasma-lift and cosmetic surgery treatments termed as “light and natural plastic surgery with a human dimension” and you’ll end up with an internationally renowned medical centre.

centre de chirurgie ocean indien luxury mauritiusSOFIA, 36 years old
“After giving birth to 3 children and as many breastfeeding experiences, my breasts had shrunk in volume, and the bikini-wearing exercise had become an ordeal for me. I had developed a complex that was holding me back. Being a Mauritian resident, I had heard about the Cosmetic Surgery Centre of Trou aux Biches, but was afraid to take the leap. I was seeing too many women around me who had had their breasts enhanced, with results that were not really aesthetic. But the consultation with the surgeon brushed off all my concerns. He suggested the use of anatomical implants, and I took the plunge! My breasts now make me feel like I was 20, and the result is very natural. No one would ever suspect anything, and this is exactly what I wanted!”

FRÉDÉRIC, 48 years old
“It’s in September 2015 that I finally decided to visit the Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Mauritius. I had just met a friend who had been completely transformed, both physically and psychologically, by a hair transplant… I told myself that I had to do it. It was time for me to regain control of my life! I therefore did an FUE Density©. Since then, my hair has regrown; the result is stunning. I am rediscovering the pleasure of looking at myself in the mirror, of combing my hair. I am a changed man. My only regret: not having done it earlier!”
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