BAGNODESIGN has now well settled in the world of bathroom creation and luxury. In order to better understand the Mix and Match concept, proposed by BAGNODESIGN’s qualified advisers, with a fine tuning on skilled techniques and expertise in interior design, Luxury Mauritius has called upon one of the key figures in the art of wellness, Shana Dosieah R. Back to Mauritius after 6 years abroad, the interior architect will tell about the golden opportunity she had to meet Anwar Sohawon, the promoter of Concept Sanitaire Limitee, and who opened the way for her to nurture her artistic creativity. As from then on, Shana has worked towards blowing some freshness on the Mauritian market’s high standard interior design and hi tech aesthetics. Let us meet an artist who is bringing high quality to luxury design.

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1. Shana, can you tell the Luxury Mauritius readers about your background and your career choice in interior architecture?

Interior architecture came as an evidence while I was studying interior architecture in Malaysia for 5 years and then working in South Africa. I was always keen on pursuing a career on the creative side, interacting with new people and embracing changes. Being able to swap mindsets every once in awhile, only a job in the designing field can guarantee such a thing, as each project have an identity of its own.

I have and still believe in the fact that a person’s surrounding is what moulds their behaviour and moods. And today as an interior architect, I am being able to work on different environments, creating various emotions depending on the clients’ requirements, taking their personal ideas and elevating them into fashionable and luxurious atmosphere.

I have always loved my career path until I met BAGODESIGN and, there, I really fell much more in love with my work.Today, as an interior architect, there is not a moment that goes by where I am not learning new things about my job and the most intriguing part of it is that I, until now, I have not had a change of heart as to what I am doing.

2. What are the star design products in the world of luxury at the moment?

The star products are those that tend to differentiate themselves from the norms. BAGNODESIGN, for instance, proposes products that fit this philosophy, mixing high technology while paying a special attention to details. Shower heads have a technology of chromotherapy and such functions as Rain and Waterfall meet hydrotherapy. The line Bagnospa is equipped with Digital Control with ‘Halo’ Steam head and touchscreen operation wifi, and the soap dispensers have infrared Items, for example. The different noble materials, as for them, bring a touch of design such as the Bagnoquartz bathtubs which are made of a Mixture of natural minerals and quartz crystal aggregate, and the BagnoTech wash hand basins are in pure stone.

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3. What does the Mix and Match consists of and how do you work with your team to create tailormade bathrooms?

BAGNODESIGN offers 11 concepts of bathrooms allowing a client to devise a range of combinations. The Mix and Match philosophy is mostly about helping the clients to pick what they like the most from the concepts – and our team works on the design and guide them as to how to come up with a more harmonious and luxury bathroom.

It all starts with the client’s requirements, whether the space is an existing one that needs renovation works or is in the process of being built. From there onwards there are few aspects that should be taken into consideration – Budget, Style and Feasibility to be able to provide the best value solution and luxury as per the client’s needs. The world of design is one of the ever changing field that can exist. Everything around us is a created masterpiece. Interior architecture encompasses various platforms of understanding: the client’s requirements; the technical aspects of each and every design; communication with consultants and contractors; discovering various suppliers on the market, and the evolution of materials and design.

It is an exciting, full of life and passionate field. When you love what you do, the end results are always positive.

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 5. Your advice to the Luxury Mauritius community to have a fashionable interior design?

A timeless design is achieved by being classical, sophisticated and functional at the same time, Creating some balance and order within the space. Some colours never grow old – like white and other neutral colours, for instance.

Luxury Mauritius wishes good luck to Shana and BAGNODESIGN !