Le Salon de Parfums: An olfactory journey hoisted by sublime service

It is a warm breezy day as we walk through the doors of InterContinental Hotels, in view of visiting the Private Sale of Salon de Parfums. What most would expect to find, is a classic shop with high-end perfumes and a simple transaction waiting at the end, if one of the products happen to catch your eye. Well in our case, along the nicely displayed roses and the lavishly designed flasks, floats what a lot of other shops seem to lack: excellent customer service. Luxury Indian Ocean was there to discover these fine fragrances…


Greeted by a smile from Koreish, the Fragrance Consultant, and surrounded by beautifully coloured bottles as soon as we walked in,  we were ready to start our journey through scents and history.

What differentiates the offering here from all the other perfume shops, is that these are niche fragrances.

For you see, nothing here matches the usual candy or floral scents we are inclined to smell almost everywhere. Each brand on display has a story, each bottle carries its own special formula, carefully chosen main notes and most importantly, each one has a very distinct characteristic.


One spritz of Moresque Portofino and we are whisked away to streets draped in the citrusy scent of oranges and lemons.Our host takes us through the heritage of M.Michallef in Grasse to the Arabian culture of Attar Collection. A whiff of Sunshine by Amouage and the olfactory trip continues with augmented optimism. We get to learn about the architect of materials and senses:  Alexandre J and his knack for using unusual elements before delving into the world of Tiziana Terenzi and her experience-inspired scents.

Salon des Parfums Luxury Indian Ocean 3

Here, choosing a scent is not just about taking your favourite bottle off the shelf. After a short chat about our likes, dislikes and note preferences, we are presented with a personalized selection. The team present on the day was also glad to share their favourites which widened our appreciation of the whole experience.


One common assumption is that niche fragrances are just more expensive perfumes. Upon experiencing any of the ones displayed, a perfume aficionado is sure to recognise that there is value in every drop. The combination of high-quality ingredients, experienced craftsmanship and in-shop accompaniment results in a beautiful aromatic journey which will have you smelling divinely unique.


Salon des Parfums Luxury Indian Ocean 2

We left with our noses enchanted, our minds enthralled and evocative essences in our bag !