Farouk Hossen Opticians has launched its new shop at So’Flo

A new brand has joined the nice and friendly shopping mall So’Flo in Floreal: Farouk Hossen Opticians. The already-famous Farouk Hossen brand now presents 40 internationally-renowned brands to the Mauritian public. Here’s a guided tour of the new shop by Luxury Mauritius. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not only

Farouk Hossen Opticians has for the last 45 years been a key player on the Mauritian and Rodiguan optical markets. Launched in February 2018, the new shop – which covers 100m2 – has had the honour to welcome the Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs Kobita Jugnauth, and the Head of Department of the French Embassy for Mauritius and Seychelles Islands, Mr Hugues Reydet.

Rebanding Farouk Hossen So'Flo luxury mauritius 1

For the good health of your eyes, Farouk Hossen brings its expertise through hi-tech clinical facilities and affordable eye care services. Its philosophy originates from a long-lasting tradition in optometrics, associated with modernism and innovation. The new outlet provides with a consultation room with latest generation eequipments, a digital screen and exclusive optical collections.

For the beauty of your eyes, Farouk Hossen – which also distributes over 40 international brands – has a special scrutiny on high-end technology and creativity to ensure comfort and design. Among the exclusive brands : Chopard – Jk London City – Nathalie Blanc – Dior – Jk London Soho – Polaroid – Escada – Police – Gant – Ralph Lauren – Givenchy – Oliver Peoples – Reykjavik – Superflex – Taylor Morris – Tom Ford – Walter & Herbert – Kliik – Levis – Mont Blanc.

Rebanding Farouk Hossen So'Flo luxury mauritius 3 Mrs Kobita Jugnauth, Mr Farouk Hossen and Mr Fadil Hossen

A rebranding for your favourite optician

In order to have a closer look on its clients who are changing and getting more updated, the spectacle manufacturer has opted for a rebranding in 2018.

What will change is the fruitful product of a partnership with Capgraph agency and which the launching at So’Flo has showcased: a new identity which mixes modernity and refinement. The innovation and spacious setting perfectly matches the Mall’s concept and which will be applied in all the other Farouk Hossen outlets throughout year 2018.

What will not change, on the other hand, is its vocation to uphold its leading rank on the marker as its slogan underlines, l’Opticien des Mauriciens”(the Mauritians’ optician). 

Rebanding Farouk Hossen So'Flo luxury mauritius 2

As a reminder of Farouk Hossen Opticians’ philosophy, Coco Chanel’s words are written on the shop’s wall:  

“ Les seuls beaux yeux sont ceux qui vous regardent avec tendresse ” (The only beautiful eyes are those you look at you with tenderness).


Opening hours:

From Monday to Thursday: 9.30 a.m to 8 p.m

On Fridays and Saturdays: 9.30 a.om to 9 p.m

On Sundays: 9 a.m to 12.30 p.m